A Dance with Cuba

Thursday, March 22, 7:00 to 8:30 PM
Lawrence Memorial Library, Bristol

Join us on a winter's night to enjoy an evening of warmth, good music and an interesting tale as Shelburne resident Marian Feldman recounts her journey to Cuba as a neophyte afro-cubano dance aficionado in 2002. While much may be changing in Cuba presently, much remains the same. It is still a communist country, led by a dictator and one that has been "off limits" for US citizens for 50 years. For Marian, this was a frightening hurdle to overcome in pursuing her desire to go to Cuba. This presentation will mostly be about the cultural interchanges with the wonderful, charismatic Cubans; eating and living in their homes, the extraordinary musical exposure and exploration of three different areas of Cuba:Habana, Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa.

Marian was part of a licensed group permitted to be in Cuba for dance education. She studied with the Narciso Medina Dance Company learning "son" (the predecessor of salsa), salsa, folklorico (the traditional dances of the countryside) and keeping up (or attempting to keep up) with the vibrant and extremely talented dance troupe.