Land of the Midnight Sun: Summer Travels to the Arctic - 2013-10-17

The One World Library Project presents


Summer Travels to the Arctic

Thursday, October 17th7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Lawrence Memorial Library, North Street, Bristol 

Jim Squires, a Research Fellow for early education at Rutgers University and a a resident of Charlotte, describes himself as a passionate, self-mistaught photographer with insatiable wanderlust. Last summer, when Jim was invited by a friend to be part of this Arctic adventure, a BBC filmmaker warned him to have plenty of extra memory available on his computer to store all the images he might take.  He wasn’t kidding, and Jim is eager to share many of his favorite photographs from his journey and describe the changing landscape above the Arctic Circle.
Squires considers himself fortunate to be able to combine two passions--diving and photography--into a dream hobby of underwater photography.  He has won several competitions through a combination of understanding the subject and its environment, perseverance, creative view-finding, and being in the right place at the right time with the right equipment.  At Burlington’s Waterfront Diving Center, where he is one of the senior diving instructors, his photographs have adorned the walls for many years.
Jim is recognized nationally as an early education expert and currently serves as Senior Research Fellow for the National Institute for Early Education Research at Rutgers University.  
In conjunction with this program, the One World Library Project has acquired new items on the Arctic for the OWLP kiosk at the Lawrence Memorial Library in Bristol:   
Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez
Barry Lopez's National Book Award-winning classic study of the Far North is widely considered his masterpiece.
Lopez offers a thorough examination of this obscure world-its terrain, its wildlife, its history of Eskimo natives and intrepid explorers who have arrived on their icy shores. But what turns this marvelous work of natural history into a breathtaking study of profound originality is his unique meditation on how the landscape can shape our imagination, desires, and dreams. Its prose as hauntingly pure as the land it describes, Arctic Dreams is nothing less than an indelible classic of modern literature
Frozen Planet (DVD)
Narrated by David Attenborough and trom the Emmy-winning team behind Planet Earth and The Blue Planet comes Frozen Planet, the epic tale of two disappearing wildernesses. The Arctic and Antarctic remain the greatest wildernesses on Earth. The scale and beauty of the scenery and the sheer power of the elements are unmatched anywhere else on our planet. And against all odds, these vast, frigid environments are teeming with life. Using the latest camera technology, Frozen Planet captures unimaginable imagery above and below the ice, and follows the extraordinary fluctuations that accompany the changes of seasons in this most extreme of environments, often for the first time. Frozen Planet takes you inside a polar bear’s den to witness a mother polar bear and her newborn cubs, showcases the thrilling hunting tactics employed by a pod of killer whales to launch a seal off an ice floe, uses time-lapse photography to allow you to witness the amazing underwater fauna thriving around Mr. Erebus, the world’s most southerly volcano, and much, much more. Using crystal clear high definition cinematography, Frozen Planet will open your eyes to the remarkable colors and variety of life in this frigid environment. With the Poles under grave threat from climate change, this extraordinary series provides a chance to explore these great wildernesses before they change forever.

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