Dispatch for the Last Unknown

Ecology, Culture and Exploration in Papua New Guinea

with Ethan Linck
6:30pm, Free, Lawrence Memorial Library.
For a map to the library, click here.

Join Ethan Linck, a Hinesburg resident and a senior at CVU, who spent several months in 2008 in New Guinea as a volunteer for the Research and Conservation Foundation of New Guinea doing GPS mapping of tribal boundaries as well as spending three and a half weeks in the bush completing a bird survey. He is currently applying for a National Geographic Explorer's grant to detremine the level of habitat diversity and indentify potential environmental threats in an unexplored region of the Bewani Mountains of the northern Sandaun Province in Papua New Guinea.

Ethan will discuss the geography, history and culture of the world's largest island as well as New Guinea's amazing biodiversity - 5-10% of the plantet's total species live there. He will also address what is happening to the native Papuans as the Indonesian government and other foreign companies plunder their pristine country's abundant natural resources.

You can learn more about Ethan's experiences and plans at his website.