Nepal: "living and breathing" in Boudha, Kathmandu

A conversation with Pamela Smith Thursday, September 24th
7:00pm, Free, Lawrence Memorial Library. For a map to the library, click here.

Pamela and her family first traveled to Nepal during the winter of 1996 to buy merchandise for her store, Folkheart, in Bristol. While there the whole family fell in love with Nepal and her peoples. Since then Pamela has returned a dozen times spending up to ten months a year in Kathmandu. She maintains an apartment now in Boudha. Come and learn what it's like to be an expat in a “foreign land.”

Pamela will speak not only about Nepali food, culture, politics, weather, holidays and religion but also about what it's like to rent an apartment and live day to day life far from what is labeled home. Please bring any questions you might have about Nepal and she will answer them from her experience.