An Evening of Kâo Jai - 2013-01-17

Thai Photo 1
(Kâo jai (Thai) = to go into one’s heart . . . to understand)
In 1997, long-time Bristol educators, Ann and Peter Straub, received two-year Leaves of Absence from their teaching positions in Addison County so that they could work at International School Bangkok(ISB)  in Thailand.  What began as a two-year overseas adventure turned into fifteen years of working and living in Thailand.  

Just imagine moving from the village green, white church, town hall, one stop-light village atmosphere of Bristol to a greater community where in driving into the city, more people were passed than live in Vermont, where steeple spires were replaced by orange roofed wats, handshakes were replaced by wai's, and the five toned language fell on tone-deaf English ears.

In June,  Ann and Peter retired from their work at ISB and returned to their home in Addison County.  Having the opportunity to explore, and being surrounded by a culture that bore little outward resemblance to their lives in Vermont was a tremendously life-enriching experience. 

The Thai word that means “to understand” literally translated means “to go into ones heart”.

Through photographs, stories, and Thai crafts collected over their stay and travels in The Kingdom, Ann and Peter will share how their life overseas and their working to understand and operate in a culture so different from their own has truly woven Thailand and the Thai people into their hearts.