2013-04-25 - Understanding Nicaragua's Struggle with Poverty
2014-09-25 Henna: History, Culture and Rituals
2014-10-23 Sacred Landscapes, Buddhas and Dragons - Travel in Bhutan
2015-10-15 An Apprentice Boat Builder In Japan
2016-04 Endangered Alphabets, Cultural Erosion, and the Future of the Written Word
2016-05-12 Cuba: A Personal Journey
2016-11-03 Vermont's Celtic Heritage
2017-09 Stories from a Syrian Refugee Camp: Nina Keck's Firsthand Account of the Humanitarian Crisis
2017-10 Carving a Niche: How Immigrants Make Their Mark on Vermont
2017-11 Bristol Fitness Fundraiser for One World Library
2017-11 First Welcome for Refugees: Laying Solid Foundations for Renewed Lives in the US
2017-Bobcat Cafe Fundraiser
2018-01_Mundo Pequeno - 1 Year, 3 Cyclists, 12,000 Miles: Journey Through the Americas
2018-03-15 From Home Para Casa: From Starksboro, Vermont to Sao Paulo, Brazil
2018-05-17 - Vermont's Deaf Culture: Building Bridges Through Theater
2019-03 Maher: Rising to New Life
2019-04 Tunes, Songs and Tales from North East England
2019-10 - Lost Boy to Refugee to American Citizen
A Dance with Cuba
Aikido - 2017-04-13
An Evening of Kâo Jai - 2013-01-17
An Inca Village Today: The Children's Weaving Club
A Taste of Nova Scotia's Acadian Culture
Bali: Consciousness, Culture and Community - 2013-11-21
Behind the Camel of the Cook:
Bento Boxes
Beyond the Stones of Machu Picchu - 2014-11-20
Big Drum: Stuart Paton's Personal Story of Taiko, Japan and Vermont
Bristol Bollywood Bash - April 6, 2014
Ceremony: Shamanism in Mongolia 2017-03-09
China's Extraordinary Natural Stone Paintings
Cultivating a Sense of Gratitude in Relationships:
Dancing Across West Africa - 2013-03-28
Deconstructing the Myth of "The First Thanksgiving"
Dispatch for the Last Unknown
Dogsledding in Labrador: Mushing in the Menihek Hills with Ed Blechner - 2015-01
Drums of the Ancestors - January 20th
Feb 28 - Hajj: A Spiritual Journey
From “Secret Schools” to Community Projects:
From Warlords to Cell Phones: One Family's Connection to West China
Garden Tour and Talk - 2013-06-13
Girl Rising: Changing the World One Girl at a Time
Go - An Evening of Culture and Strategy
Green Across the Pacific:
Inside a Kashmir Wedding
International Day of Peace
Jan 21-Dominican Republic
Jan 26: Middlingo-Teaching Chinese to Vermont Children
Jan 2: Bringing Our Community to the World
Land of the Midnight Sun: Summer Travels to the Arctic - 2013-10-17
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