Who We Are


  • To bring the World to our community through a collection of books, films and other media about world cultures as well as through programs and events.
  • To strengthen community and celebrate the similarity and diversity of our shared human experience by providing opportunities for the public to learn about distinctive cultures around the world.
  • To promote a deeper understanding of these cultures beyond traditional stereotypes. 

The Philosophy of the "One World Library Project":

  • A project that has no borders and includes all cultures around the world.
  • A project with a grass roots base that will start right here in our community.
  • A project that results in a community that is informed, educated, culturally enriched and actively more engaged in bringing peace and unity to mankind and our world as a whole.
  • A project that can ultimately become a model to use by all other communities, a grass roots world wide library made by the people of each community for the people of that community. 
  • A project that uses a very personal touch, by utilizing the resources of the people in our own community to choose and inform us about books, movies and other media that have been important, enlightening and inspirational in their experiences of culture across the globe.
  • A project that combines the solitary pleasures of enjoying a great book, movie or piece of music with the community pleasures of sharing that experience with others.

One World Library Project Officers:  

  • Anne Majusiak, President
  • Kyoko Davis, Treasurer
  • Alice Leeds, Secretary

One World Library Project Board Members:  

  • Kyoko Davis
  • Sue Hawkins
  • Alice Leeds
  • Anne Majusiak
  • Marita Schine

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